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Saturday, May 2, 2009

व्हाट डिड वी डू टीवी वाज़ अब्सेंट फ्रॉम ऑवर लाइफ

Doing nothing and sitting in front of the ‘box’ an entire day is a feat by itself and I just did it…. Ha !
Albeit a little frustrating, because the home team lost in the final moments. But today an entire day withered away in the name of IPL. Two games of equal interest and excitement. Lunch and dinner without moving anywhere, right in front of you and in front of the ‘idiot’ and many finger nails losing their bite - heart rates an all time high and all !!
What did we do when TV was absent from our lives ? How did we occupy ourselves ?
Its become our most earnest and sincere friend, this tube device. Nothing to talk about put on the TV. Waiting on something, put on the TV. All alone and no company, put on the TV. What’s the situation in the country, put on the TV. What’s the situation in the world, put on the TV. Weather, TV. Sport, TV. Film, TV. History documentation, TV. Want to get slumber, TV…
There is just no end to it. A boon in our lives. And pretty soon we shall be carrying it around with us on our mobiles !!

So, yes a really lazy uncoordinated and mindless day. Allowed the brain to rest and recover. For a challenge tomorrow and hopefully many more tomorrows.
Abhishek won a recognition and left for Delhi. NDTV nominated him for the best Brand representative and rewarded him at a ceremony, for his campaign for IDEA Cellular and Motorolla. He seemed happy about it, as did his clients. And we feel happy for him.
Tomorrow is voting day in our part of the city and we are all geared up to be there and cast it. TV and print media are full of nothing else but possibilities and analysis on the prospects of various parties and candidates. I do not find that too odd. The elections in India make interesting information even in other parts of the world. We are the largest democracy in the world. We are among the two fastest developing nations in the world. We are among the very very few in the world that have not been as severely hit by the recession as others in the western world have. And come May 16th, we shall have a new Government for the next 5 years, so help me God. One never knows politics, entirely.

There has been talk among certain media of wanting to carry my blog in their paper. That I come to an understanding with them that I allow them to publish it exclusively. The deal being that the blog shall, as a result of the vast circulation of the paper, give me and my posts a larger reach to the people of the country.
I ask you .. put in your vote for this exercise and tell me whether this is worth considering. I shall not name the house of media that wishes so, for, that would be unethical and premature because the information has yet not come from them. It has come to me from those that contribute to it.
My own reading of the situation is that this would tantamount to parting with my exclusivity to another entity and in turn therefore preventing access of it to other houses of the print and electronic media. We also do not know how the house would exploit this. Or if it exploited it, what conditions would it put. There were accusations in the beginning from them that I was being paid to write. When the denial from me threatened to take a more legalistic turn, their denial, a most apologetic denial, eventually came through. Today they are the ones that are instigating commerce into my blog. Strange are the ways of the world and of course of the media.
There is talk also of building ‘Star Diaries’ for the print media. A biweekly input from all the stars of their life and works during each day or week or month. I believe this is all emanating from the popularity that the blog from various stars is generating and the desire of the print to be in control of that as well. It is flattering to learn that an acknowledgement of independent internet, a medium I believe to be a most powerful one in the days and years to come, to be causing interest or discomfort to the traditional media.
‘Social and political life may soon be driven by the “network”‘
‘Top global public intellectuals, thanks to an online mobilisation of their followers, could use the network not only to transform online publishing but also to redefine public intellectual life in a digital age.’
These are interesting observations that I have quoted from a recognized forum, a forum that has a certain degree of authenticity and stance due to the practice of conducting in practical terms what it preaches.
You, dear reader, therefore, are fast becoming the reason and the condition for this change. Your contribution is vital in the furtherance of our medium; started quite innocuously to connect with well wishers. So, reason out when you consider your response. Your decision could change many other decisions !!


Babli said...

Excellent..I appreciate for your beautiful writing..Really previously there was no TV and now every day new electronic device is getting launched and TV has become a part of our life..Infact mobile,TV,Ipod etc etc so many devices are there which are not at all considered as luxury but necessary things.

Harsh said...

very nice article u have written in ur blog....i admire u for this....

डॉ. मनोज मिश्र said...

sahee prayaash ,good.